Friday, March 09, 2012

A day on the Chattahoochee Industrial in 1985

Received the following from Kermit Geary Jr.  Text, photos, and captions are his.
Went by the new Genesee & Wyoming operation in Georgia the other day (Hilton & Albany).  No locomotives, but lots of pretty signs all over the property.  Did see a Bay Line unit on the CIRR and that brought back some memories of a day I spent on the CIRR back in 1985.  It was a memorable day with the RS-1's. 

CIRR 1 & train at Cedar Springs, GA 8-19-1985

CIRR 38 & train at Cedar Springs, GA 3-30-1985

CIRR 382 - 38 at Cedar Grove, GA 3-30-1985

CIRR 5205 at Cedar Springs, GA