Monday, March 12, 2012

Trenton and Lehigh Line Sunday sightings

(Train sightings on 3-11-12.)

It has been a while since I had checked out the progress of the removal of Belle Mead's old Route 206 bridge and Sunday's ample sunshine would be all the motivation I would need to check out was has been done.  Previously I had photographed the start by Ritacco Construction site preparation for the western abuttment's removal.  Judging from the size of that abuttment, in my mind that was going to be a formidable task for them. 

When I stopped down on Sunday morning, all I could say was "WOW!"  Ritacco's employees certainly made short work of that. Seen passing by of what remains of that abuttment is CSX Q300 with a mixed consist of freight, some of which will be set off in Manville yard.

A short time after Q300's passage, my scanner informed me that over on the LEHL, a westbounder would hold at Flemington Junction "...for a couple of eastbound trains" according to the dispatcher. Those two trains were NS 18G and NS 22V, which is seen here, passing through Manville's 13th Street grade crossing.  Motive power would be NS 9234 and NS 6634.  With so many St Patrick's Day parades being held a week early, I would say that Irish eyes were smiling at my success trackside on this Sunday morning.