Friday, May 02, 2014

8 Lake Freighter Convoy Gripped by Lake Superior's Ice

Slightly off topic, but interesting set of pictures we received via an email string.

1st email:  From my friend Mike Rodaway who I used to sail with...all of them were taken by him from on board the Tecumseh except for the aerial one taken by Mary Ann Schallip.  They were stuck in one spot,down by the Soo for 16 days.  

2nd email:  I don't know the original source for these, but if you haven't seen them, enjoy. 

3rd email:  This record ice is why steel mill blast furnaces from Gary to Pittsburgh are starving for Minnesota taconite (iron ore) pellets. Note that two of the last three images recorded by a crew member aboard the bulk carrier Tecumseh on April 24th.  

Here are the pictures that were included in the 1st email. 

Update.  The red ship pictured above is the Canadian Cost Guard icebreaker Pierre Raddison based in Quebec.  For more information on this ship see the following web site: