Monday, May 19, 2014

And then there were three

Received the following from Kermit Geary Jr.  Text and photos are his.

After a crazy weekend of masking and painting, followed up by an
 equally crazy Monday when we shot the last of the black paint on
 the unit, affixed the handrails, lettering, etc and on Tuesday 
they were assembled for the Big Adventure!
A quick trip behind two Delaware - Lackawanna RS-3's to the NS 
interchange at Slateford, PA and then the wait for NS.  
Successfully handed off to two NS Catfish, they continued their 
trek to Allentown, PA where they await the RDG unit from URHS.  
Also waiting for the Erie E-8 to show up before continuing to 
Harrisburg, Roanoke, and on to Spencer, NC.
A set of matched A-B-A F3's in that beautiful DL&W paint 
scheme is definitely a purty sight to see in 2014.
Hope to see y'all in Spencer, NC in a couple of weeks!!

Note: These locomotives are headed to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC, for a special event called Streamliners at Spencer featuring 25 classic streamliner locomotives of the 1930s - 1950s.  More information can be found at the following website: