Wednesday, May 07, 2014

With only minutes to spare!

(Train sightings on 5-3-14.) 

That title best describes this image of NS's 20E passage through Three Bridges (LEHL MP 48) Main Street grade crossing around 7:23 on Saturday morning. Thanks to the Internet, the information posted about 20E indicated it had already passed through Allentown around 6:30 which made me feel comfortable that there was sufficient time for my drive from Bridgewater to Three Bridges upon leaving my house at 7 AM. Driving up Route 202, the eight traffic lights I encountered along the way seemed to work against me by being red as I approached them further slowing my trip. As I arrived in Three Bridges, off in the distance the sound of a eastbound train could be heard and shortly thereafter, a headlight could be seen down the track. It was the 20E coming my way! NS's Southern heritage unit 8099 was the leader followed by UP 6816 and BNSF 4967 on the Chicago to Croxton intermodal.