Thursday, May 15, 2014

NS Service Alert - New Canadian Regulations on Transport of Hazardous Commodities

Received the following via email from Norfolk Southern.

New Canadian Regulations on Transport of Hazardous Commodities

New regulations were recently adopted prohibiting use of certain tank cars for transportation of hazardous commodities to, from, and within Canada.  While Norfolk Southern has very few loaded shipments into Canada, the regulation also impacts empty residue cars returning to Canada.  Consequently there is a potential for cars in transit about the time the regulation goes into effect to become "trapped" on Norfolk Southern and unable to return to Canada.  We are in the process of implementing systems to identify and hold all such cars so as to comply with the regulation and will set up processes to contact shippers or car owners for alternate routing of cars caught by the new regulation.  However, we urge shippers to review the new regulation (Canadian Protective Direction 34, issued April 28th ;  and remove tank cars not in compliance with the regulation from service  so as to preclude unnecessary delay of cars once the regulation takes effect.