Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Eastern Shore Railway Museum; Parksley, VA

Received via email

Was passing through Parksley, VA last Friday on our way down to Virginia Beach and saw a sign on Route 13 for the Eastern Shore Railway Museum. Having time to stop I saw this Wabash caboose on display and would later learn it was built in 1949 by the Wabash in its Decatur, IL shops. That cupola certainly has a distinctive shape! Driving down Parksley's Greenbush Road, I also came across these two covered hoppers still sporting their previous railroads on a siding at Associated Grain's facilities. The Delaware & Hudson hopper was number 12359 and had ATGX for reporting marks. Regarding the former Penn Central hopper that was labelled as RFMX 464822. Perhaps those two hoppers should also have been a part of the museum's collection of rolling stock. For a small town railroad museum the guided tour of their collection, especially the Pullman car, was very informative and interesting.