Friday, July 28, 2017

Introducing the WoodsEdge Express and the Picnic Train!

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From: Black River & Western Railroad

Now Arriving: New Events at BR&W Railroad!

July 22-23: Mixed Freight

Ride an authentic mixed freight train featuring equipment from Pennsylvania Railcar Restorations! Your train travels all the way from Flemington to Bowne Station, and will feature an exclusive photo opportunity at Bowne! Details and tickets available on our website.
August 19-20: WoodsEdge Express

NEW for 2017, a unique experience for the whole family, presented by BR&W in partnership with WoodsEdge Farm. Ride the train from Ringoes to Bowne Station, where you'll hop on the covered wagon for a visit to WoodsEdge Farm! Visit our website for details and tickets!
August 19-20: Picnic Train

NEW for 2017, ride the Picnic Train to Bowne Station for a peaceful summer picnic at our beautiful shaded grove! Visit our website for details and tickets!
Summer Excursions &
Bowne Station Local!

Our Summer Excursions and the NEW " Bowne Station Local" are now operating most Saturdays and Sundays! On the Bowne Station Local, ride our newly rehabilitated railroad 2.5 miles from Ringoes towards Lambertville to our new stop at Bowne Station! Details and tickets available on our website!

These trains run most Saturdays & Sundays through Labor Day!