Monday, July 10, 2017

From the Archives: CR's 7883 switching Tropicana reefers

Received via email

The date is November 23, 1987 as CR's 7883 goes about its task of positioning Tropicana's fifty-seven foot reefers at their distribution facility in South Kearny (NJ). "OJT", its moniker for Orange Juice Train, started operations on June 8, 1970. Those orange cars had a hula girl named "Tropic-Ana" painted on the side. Back then OJT was the food industry's first and only unit train. It still is running today via CSX lines but has been combined  with other freight and not strictly as a unit train of Tropicana products. As for CR 7883, it started out as PC 7883 and still is active today as NS 714, a RP-E4C Slug, according to the NSDASH9 website.