Thursday, July 20, 2017

Western NY railroading odds & ends!

Received via email

Made a three day trip recently out to the western NY in the Lockport area and encountered some interesting railroad sights along the way. Sooo... here goes!
  E8s at the Medina RR Museum-In 2007, the Medina Railroad Museum acquired a pair of 1953 vintage E8 Passenger Locomotives in their original New York Central Lightning Stripe paint scheme! #4080 and #4068 are presently being stored in Medina, NY near the museum. When shop time can be leased, a small group of volunteers is diligently working toward bringing both units up to FRA requirements for service on the museum's excursions between Medina and Lockport. The HO train layout inside the museum is huge! It measures 204 feet long and 14 feet wide.
  Snowplow GV 400783 in the Genesee Valley yard in Lockport-sits idle in the yard on a hot and humid July 17 summer's day.
  LTEX 95 in Dansville-still sporting its faded "Mississippi Export" heritage, LTEX 95 works at the LMC Industrial Contractors, a locomotive rebuilder facility. Mississippi Export Railroad is a 42-mile shortline railroad operating in the state of Mississippi from Pascagoula to Evanston. 
  Olcott's Tourist Information Center-is a 1942 vintage caboose of more recent CR heritage. This caboose's history prior to its CR days is unknown. It was dedicated as Olcott's tourist information center in April, 1989 and is sighted at the intersection of Routes 18 and 78. Inside the original interior remains almost intact and has an ample supply of brochures related to area attractions.