Monday, September 07, 2015

An EMD SD45 Lover's >WORST< Nightmare...

Received the following from our correspondent in NW Pennsylvania. 

SD45 scalps, taken by the fearless-and-feared Ehll-Tee-Eeeeeeh Tribe (LTE) of northeastern Ohio (never to be confused with the other notorious tribe active in the region, closely associated with the Cleveland area). The scalps air-dry on wooden racks erected for the purpose by the tribe's warriors 'pon the quiet, sacred grounds in McDonald Meadow. The defenseless members of the Dubbel-yeuuh Cee Tribe (WC) had nary a chance and were all quickly dispatched, right where they stood on the nearby battlefield (witnesses say there was hardly much of a "battle").  

Dreadful carnage (nine years ago, now) along the right descending bank of the Mahoning River. The grim memory recalled is still enough to make surviving Dubbel-yeuuh Cee  Tribe-members' nostrils flare... 

WC 6600 and siblings - SD45 radiator hoods at LTE by Michael Rujak_8-21-06


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Larry's Truck and Electric (LTE) of McDonald, Ohio, is a well known scrapper of locomotives.