Monday, September 07, 2015

Some Minnesota trains @ Red Wing

(Train sightings on 7-1-15.) 

Just returned from spending a week's vacation with my wife in traveling Minnesota's secondary roads. During the course of our trip, we managed to catch a glimpse of some of that state's varied railroading scene. Our first stop was in Red Wing on July 1st. My wife was checking out the town's tourist information center inside the Amtrak passenger station while I waited outside hoping to see a train or two. After thirty minutes, the Broad Street crossing gates were activated as an eastbound mixed freight approached my location. It is seen passing by the Red Wing Grain Elevator off to the right. A little while later, CP 6096 and DM&E 6091 lead an eastbound mixed freight west past the ADM's processing facility. This plant crushes flax and canola for various uses.That red truck seen on the bridge has just crossed the Mississippi River on the Route 63 Bridge. I was glad that the tourist center had an ample supply of brochures for my wife to look through in order to allow me the time for me to capture these two images.