Friday, September 25, 2015

Freight through the Lehigh Gap; 1985 and 2015!

(Train sightings on 9-22-85 and 8-24-15.)  

While contemplating where to photograph NKP 765's Saturday excursion, I thought that just before it enters Palmerton that the Lehigh Gap would be a good location. The next question would be what side of the Lehigh River would be better. As it turned out shooting from the river's east side gave me the image I hoped for. Still I was curious as to what a image taken on the west side would have looked like. Back on September 22, 1985 I was fortunate to photograph a northbound D&H freight. In the lead was B&M 331, followed by B&M 324 and D&H 7324 (ex-LV 324) traveling over the former CNJ tracks. The LVRR tracks are in the foreground.Fast forward to August 24, 2015 when a northbound NS local made its way north. NS 5664 and NS 4619 have seven ACF and two tank cars in tow as they pass through the gap with some of the cars obscured by the tree's foliage. That gray trail seen through the foliage in the foreground is the former LVRR tracks now converted to a bicycle path. Makes me glad I went with my original choice!