Thursday, September 17, 2015

NS's N&W heritage unit (NS 8103) leads 24Z

(Train sightings on 7-29-15.) 

Wanted to get trackside before the heat, humidity and gnats got to be too much here in central NJ. Arrived at the Lehigh Line's Valley Road grade crossing in Hillsborough, NJ and heard NS 15J getting instructions to take the siding at CP 51 (former Flemington Jct) and hold for 20E and 24Z as it passed by my vantage point at 7:31. 15J's power consist was NS 9402 and NS 9064. At 8:08 20E would pass by and proceed to travel down Main 1, that is the former Royce Runner. NS 7717, NS 1160 and NS 2751 served as the power. Fourteen minutes later at 8:22, 24Z would pass by with the N&W heritage unit 8103 leading followed by NS 9014 with what seemed to be a short train of COFCs. It to would also take Main 1 in its journey east. With 24Z's passage now history, time for me to head home.