Sunday, June 18, 2017

1997: RBB&B Red Unit Circus Train @ Hershey

Received via email

   The Red Unit Circus Train has been on a two day 455 mile trip from Hartford (CT) to its destination of Hershey (PA) on May 20, 1997. Seen here at Hershey's Derry Street grade crossing, four stocks and sixteen flats of this fifty-three car train are about to be set off. As for the diesels seen in this scene, CR 9164 is an NW2R with its heritage as an ex-IHB 8794, ex-NYC 8794 and ex-PC 8794. It would eventually become Central Soya Co. 9189. There is no knowledge of its current status. CR 6589 is an U36C and ex-EL 3318. It has since been retired by NS. That third diesel behind CR 6589 remains unidentified. RBBX 60004 is a stock car that was used for the elephants with the Red Unit. Built in 1961 by American Car Foundry as UPRR 6300 and acquired by RBB&B in 1972. RBBX 60004 was placed out of service when it was with the Blue Unit in 1999 and is no longer used.