Friday, June 30, 2017

This Sat. Special Tour Added to NMRA GSD Summer Meet

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GSD Summer Event Reminder:
This  coming  Saturday, July 1
in Staten Island
Special Tour Added - Details Below 


Special Attraction : Visit to OLD Gypsum Plant

The existing plant, what is left of it, was built in 1926 and replaced two older buildings which burned down on this very same spot. Three buildings have already been torn down with raze dates of the rest, this summer and next summer. This will remove any trace of the plant and where it stood.

The location is unique as it is one of the very few industries where the main line of a railroad, the Staten Island Railroad (a B&O subsidy) ran through the working plant. Not around it or near it, but through the plant. Built with conveyer belts running underneath the tracks to handle materials between buildings.

By the way, all the tracks have been covered over during recent years since rail service was terminated in the area. It was discovered that 5 feet under the present track layer, is another set of tracks with a much smaller rail size. It is believed that when the line was electrified for passenger service, they leveled out the main line by simply covering over the old main line tracks.

The old smoke stack from the steam power plant may remain as it is being used for by number of microwave companies.

This plant produced not only products like sheet rock, but also joint compound used with it and a product called Pyroblock which was a fireproof block used in early construction.
While we are not allowed in the buildings themselves, enough of the outside walls have been removed to see inside.
Add to it, that the buildings are all of different construction methods, from brick to cement block to poured concrete to corrugated steel on steel frame. The remains of wooden bunkers are also visible. When looking at the main building from the street, you are actually looking at the second floor of the plant. 

Gypsum ore was brought in by ships, which docked right at the plant. The railroad provided coal to the plant, as well as all the other materials needed in processing its products. At the end of processing, it also took away the finished product for rail delivery throughout the nation.

Tom Wortmann, GSD 

The GSD's summer event will be held on July 1 at the VFW hall at 49 The Boulevard on Staten Island.  The meet will feature two clinics:  Learning about the structures that comprise an anthracite mine and modeling trash for your layout.  The event will also feature Bring 'n Brag in the morning.  

After a quick lunch on your own at one of the many local eateries, the afternoon will feature tours of several layouts 
and the Gypsum Plant.  

As always directions and maps will be provided at the meet.

Donuts and coffee will also be served in the morning.  Maps for the local restaurants will be available at the end of the morning session.

Please join us at 9 AM at the the VFW hall

NOTE: New Location 
This is not the Marine Corps League Hall where we have had prior GSD Meets.

To closely view the location on Google Maps and get directions, click on the map or the button.

Did you forget to read the latest issue of the Whistle Post?  This issue contains more information about the upcoming GSD event in Staten Island.  It also contains articles on the last GSD event in Bridgewater, the Achievement Program, making changes to a finished layout, and more. 

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