Friday, February 27, 2015

My consolation prize!

(Train sightings on 2-17-15.)

With the Ringling Brothers Red Unit Circus train scheduled to make the 100 mile trip from Philadelphia, PA to Brooklyn, NY on Tuesday I was ready to photograph it as it made its way east over CSX's Trenton Line. Unfortunately this train once again proved to be elusive to me. No postings on the various websites that monitor rail activities did not afford any information as to the train's where abouts. As a alternate plan I decided to wait for NS 20E which had the Lackawanna heritage unit trailing behind 20E's leader. After all I couldn't afford to let Tuesday's good sunlight go to waste now. It is seen here passing a malfunctioning Valley Road grade crossing (LEHL MP 40) in Hillsborough, NJ around 12:30.