Friday, February 27, 2015

NS Customer Service Update

Received the following via email. 

To Norfolk Southern’s Valued Customers:

I am writing to you today with two primary messages. 

The first is to direct you to our website where we have posted our February service update which outlines current resource planning, maintenance of way work plans, service metrics, an overview of our 2015 Capital Budget, and our expected return to steady state network performance early in the second half of the year.  As previously advised, these updates will continue on a monthly basis as the year progresses.

The second message is to thank you for your friendship and support over my 39 year career with Norfolk Southern.  At the end of this month I have decided to retire and transition to a slightly slower pace, unless of course, I decide a faster pace is more desirable.  It has been a distinct pleasure and privilege to work with many of you personally over this long period of time.  I extend my very best wishes to each of you for your continued success and good health and as always, thank you for your continuing business with our fine company.


Donald W. Seale
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Norfolk Southern Corporation
Three Commercial Place
Norfolk, VA  23510-9216