Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday's recap of Lehigh Line trains seen...

(Train sightings on 2-14-15.)

started out early on Saturday morning with a call from my wife who was out shopping. Passing beneath the LEHL in Hillsborough (NJ) and called to inform me that there was " tank car train stopped on the siding." Before hanging up she said "Happy Valentine's Day!" With that conversation ended I was out the door and heading towards Manville's 13th Street grade crossing (LEHL MP 37). Sure enough it was holding on the Royce Runner (Main 1) for NS 20E to pass. At 9:36 20E passed by with NS 9560, NS 7707 and NS 2607 as the power consist. Shortly there after, 66Z made its way down the siding. I was hoping that this 66Z would be the one with the Central of Georgia leading but that was not to be. Saturday 66Z's power would be NS 3417, UP 5624 and UP 7024. Perhaps Sunday will be the day the C of G heritage unit passes through. 

Hoping to catch NS 212 with the KCS leading, it was then off to Stanton Station for the cold wait. At 12:13 212 came through with KCS 4104 leading. Prior to 212's arrival, NS 211 would take the siding at CP 53 and hold for two more east bounders after 212. Lead by NS 9655 and NS 9086, the next east bounder to pass by was 22V @ 12:30. NS 20R was the final east bound intermodal having NS 1098 and NS 9924 as its power consist. Once 20R had cleared, 211 headed west , led by NS 7587 and NS 7655 @ 1PM. With 211's passage and the forecasted snow starting to fall,  it was time to head home and thaw out!