Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ALCo RS Trio on Monday's PT-98 by Nate Haydt

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary, Jr. Text and captions are his, and photos are by Nate Haydt.

Today (10-14-08) I am featuring some photos of a very close friend of mine andCo-worker on the Stourbridge RR, Nate Haydt. Nate is one of these rarebreed of photographers that actually will take the time to compose a shotrather than using a machine-gun approach to hopefully attain a photo.More-so surprising is the fact he doesn't yet own a camera of his own!! Ilet him use my Nikon D-80 when we are out railfanning...I concentrate on theKodachrome slides.

Power was 4118-4103-4068.


Arriving Slateford Jct, PA

Moscow, PA

Cross lake at Gouldsboro, PA

East Stroudsburg, PA