Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The bitter end of the Knox & Kane

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary, Jr. The text, photos, and captions are his.
Also see the following posting.

Today, 10-10-2008, marked the sad and bitter end of the Knox & Kane Railroad. The scrap vultures descended on Kane, PA to pick at the rotting carcasses of equipment. At least the two steam locomotives and the diesel will survive to hopefully run again for their new owners. The rest, unfortunately, will become razor blades.

Prices were outrageous for the equipment...boxcars going for $3500, a ex-C&I 2-bay hopper for $4000.,TTX flats for $5250., the burned out wooden passenger car for $5250.00!!!!!!!!!
Other passenger cars (ex-Long Island "ping pong's") were sold for scrap for $4-5000.
The ex-Union RR Jordan Spreader was sold for scrap for $10,000!!!!!
Track equipment, broken and decrepit, went for $2500 to $6000 per piece.
H&BT 38...2-8-0...sold to Alan Maples (Everett RR) for $60,000
K&K 1689...2-8-2...Chinese Built...sold to David Conrad (Valley RR) for $100,000
K&K 39...EMD GP-9 (ex WM 39)...sold to Georges Creek RR for $35,000

RIP, Knox & Kane, you deserved better.

H&BT 38 looks on as her fate is sealed

H&BT 38

ex D&H wood passenger car

Chinese built loco awaiting her fate