Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There is still CR blue to be seen...

(Train sightings on 11-2-08.)

CR blue was alive and well along the Lehigh Line on this Sunday morning. Of the seven trains I saw, four of them would have ex-CR units as leaders. In addition, NS 67Q would provide even more color with BNSF 4947 and a red and silver BNSF 940 that still wore a faded “Santa Fe” on its flanks. In time sequence, the trains I observed were as follows:

Landsdown Station (NJ)
NS 18G @ 7:36- NS 9710, NS 9341, NS 3044 and NS 3013.
NS 214 @ 7:49- PRR 6798 (ex-CR 5560), NS 6605 and NS 9890.
NS 212 @ 8:05- NS 9661, NS 9374 and NS 9729.

NS 214

Stanton Station:
NS 21M @ 9:45- PRR 8399 (ex-CR 6196) was the leader followed by two unidentified NS diesels.
NS 67Q @ 10:30- finally headed west with 82 cars after holding at CP 53 for almost two hours. I can only speculate that it might have been some type of mechanical problem that caused 67Q’s delay. Motive power would be PRR 5411 (ex-CR 6717), BNSF 4947 and BNSF 940 wearing a well worn red and silver paint scheme.

Near MP52 (between Stanton Station and Flemington Jct):
NS 65J @ 10:45- would hold the passing siding east of Stanton Station for NS 24V to pass. 65J’s motive power would be NS 9438 and NS 3333.
NS 24V @ 11:42- would have PRR 8363 (ex-CR 6133) as its leader followed by NS 9842.

NS 24V