Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conrail Jet Snow Blowers reborn: Olie M. Ericksen, Inc.

Received the following via email.

Saw the attached photo and couldn't help noticing the blue Conrail logo atright. On Conrail's Dearborn Division, these jet snow blowers wereindispensable to keep turnouts clear and operations going during the winter. (Note the former Conrail JSB unit at right.)

I drive by this company here in Greenville several times per week. Theyoffer rebuilt CR, CSXT and other former Class I-owned JSBs. They rebuildjet models J-34, J-35, J-47, J-52, J-57 and J-79. (Of course, if youinstead need to re-engine your private corporate jet, Olie likely has thoseparts, too!)