Sunday, November 09, 2008

Update on the Stourbridge Railroad

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary Jr. The text, photos, and captions are his, except as noted.


Greetings: After a summer of delays and frustrations on the Stourbridge Railroad, we finally got the bridge at Hawley finished to the point that we are once again connected to the out-side world!!! On Saturday, OCT 4, 2008...we ran the very first train over the newly rebuilt spans to the town of Lackawaxen, PA. This capped off a week of 20 hour days, laying track, ballasting, & tamping the approaches to the bridge. WHEW!!!!!!

Despite all the hard work and dedication that we at Central Penn Rail Corp have done to connect the line, the new owner, Paul Broncatta of Ideal Steel on Long Island, NY, has decided to throw us off and contract with the Morristown & Erie RR. They are expected to take over total control on 1-1-2009. Until that time, we will continue to operate the line to the best of our abilities. Soooooo.....get your photos this year, there may not be another chance to do so......

The final frame of tonight's offering is of our newest employee, Nate Haydt, who upon reaching his 18th Birthday, has joined the operating department as a brakeman. Nate has been active with us over the past year, volunteering as a car host and helping out where ever he was needed. If anyone out there would like to volunteer as a car host, PLEASE contact the Chamber of Commerce in Honesdale, PA.

54..first train over the new bridge at Hawley, PA...Photo by Nate Haydt

Scenes along the Lackawaxen River East of Hawley, PA

Our newest Brakeman...Nate Haydt...turned 18 on 10-2-2008