Sunday, November 09, 2008

Status update of Hillsborough quiet zone grade crossings

Following article is from the Courier news dated Tuesday, 10-7-08.

Railroad work completed

Construction of the railroad quiet zone safety medians-at Auten Road, Beekman Lane and Roycefield Road railroad crossings- and road work on Valley Road have been completed.

In an effort to establish the railroad quiet zones, township officials currently are working with the Norfolk Southern Rail Line to secure all the “required electrical safety improvements,” which the rail line must install prior to the establishment of the quiet zones, said Hillsborough Clerk and Business Administrator Kevin Davis.

“These safety improvements must be completed by the rail line and are required by the Federal Railroad Administration in order to protect the safety at the crossings,” said Committeeman Carl Suraci in a statement. “The next step in the process is for Norfolk Southern to make the electrical safety improvements to the crossing mechanisms, which, we have been advised, should occur over the next month.

Once the improvements are in place and have been verified, township officials anticipate final authorization by the Federal Railroad Administration to stop the train horns at crossings, Suraci said.

Suraci said township officials and Norfolk Southern representatives also are discussing the placement of a wayside horn-where a horn is placed at the intersection of a crossing and would be directed at cars- at the Valley Road crossing.