Friday, August 12, 2011

In search of the elusive CP 38Z...

(Train sightings on 8-6-11.)

After scouring the internet on Saturday morning I learned that CP 38Z was on duty at 8 AM in Bethlehem. Ahhh... that would mean an early morning run down the LEHL to Oak Island. Couldn't ask for any better sunlight than what NJ had this past Saturday either. Blue skies and ample sunshine make for a good combination when it comes to photography! So with that knowledge in hand, off I headed to Three Bridges to wait for 38Z. While waiting, a eastbound NS intermodal, lead by NS 7561, would pass by around 8:50.

Around 9:26, the block signal changed to indicate another NS eastbound train was coming. Could this one be the 38Z I was waiting for? The question was answered around 9:40 when NS 8802 led its consist of autoracks and intermodal cars past my vantage point. 

What would occur first, seeing 38Z or giving up and heading home to do those put off tasks that were starting to call me.  At 11 AM, once again the signal indicated a eastbound train was coming. I made a vow this would be my last train for the day even if it wasn't the 38Z. That vow would soon be rubbish as NS 64J, a/k/a; "the trash train" come into view. After it passed by, I headed home to tend to those neglected chores. In my travels to do these chores, I was crossing over the Roycefield Road grade crossing and noticed a headlight coming east on the LEHL. Ahhh... probably another NS train I thought. As the train drew closer, I could see it wasn't NS black but CP red. Finally, CP 38Z arrived in Hillsborough at 12:45 as it headed to Oak Island.  On the point was an ex-CP unit DM&E 6087 (SD40-3), ICE 6446, CP 5737 and ICE 6210 with three empty hoppers in tow. As to what the delay was, guess that would be a story for the television show "Unsolved Mysteries".