Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NJT Bridgewater Station- not the first flood it has faced!

Received the following via email.

Hurricane Irene is not been the first tropical storm that NJT's Bridgewater (NJ) station has had to endure. It is quite ironic that back on August 27 1971, Bridgewater had to deal with the excessive rains of tropical storm Doria. It caused the Raritan River to crest at Bound Brook at a reported peak of 37.47 feet. Needless to say, the damage was excessive. The Bridgewater station, seen as the little shelter off to the left of the bridge, remained standing. 

Fast forward to July 2, 2007 when the Lancaster Barnstormers were playing the Somerset Patriots. NJT 4202's engineer catches a glimpse of the game as the passengers disembark at the station located behind the scoreboard.

It is now August 28, 2011 and an unknown photographer snaps this image of Hurricane Irene after she left her calling card of flood waters in the stadium. It is quite ironic that almost forty years to the day, Bridgewater's station is dealing with another massive flood.