Saturday, August 27, 2011

NS Planning for Hurricane Irene

Received the following via email. 

Planning For Hurricane Irene
Norfolk Southern is closely monitoring the track of Hurricane Irene. The storm is currently expected to impact operations along the eastern seaboard from the Carolinas and northward over the next few days. As a precautionary step, we are holding shipments moving into this area at inland terminals west of the impacted area. We are also giving priority to shipments currently on hand in the region to move out of the areas expected to be impacted. Material, equipment, and personnel are being staged to move into the area after the storm passes, to address power outages, debris, flooding, and other issues associated with the storm.

Local service will be curtailed 24-48 hours in advance of approaching weather conditions as the storm progresses northward. Some train operations in the affected region are likely to be discontinued as conditions warrant.

Updated ETA and routing information is always available through Pacesetter (Norfolk Southern's web based pipeline management tool), and accessNS.

Customers with questions regarding specific shipments should contact the National Customer Service Center.

Customer Service - - 800 635.5768

Customers with questions regarding local service should contact their Central Yard Operations Representative.

Central Yard Operations - - 800 898.4296