Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pacific Limited - Day 3

Received the following via email from Kermit Geary Jr. Text, photos, and captions are his. Day 3 was Sunday, 8-7-11.

After leaving Meadville, PA in the dark rainy morning, the train progressed down the Oil City Branch of the WNYP to Franklin, PA where the WNYP 430 & 421 pulled it back under the capable hands of Engineer Chris Southwell. The weather improved, the later it got....from Rain to eventually a beautiful SUNNY day!

PRR 5711 through a light mist in Cochranton, PA

PRR 5711 at Utica, PA

PRR 5711 at Sugar Creek, PA

PRR 5711 West of Franklin, PA along US 322

PRR 5711 at Franklin, PA

WNYP 430 approaching Foster Corner, PA along US 322

Just south of Buchanan Junction, PA

Arriving back in Meadville, the WNYP crew cut away and the NS pilots boarded the train. And the chase was on...following the Erie/Erie Lackawanna's Mahoning Division to Hubbard, OH. Thanks to a good friend of ours, Bob Brooks, we were able to catch the train at a number of scenic locations.

PRR 5711 preparing to leave Meadville, PA for Hubbard, OH

PRR 5711Leaving Meadville Yard, PA

PRR 5711 at MP120, Atlantic, PA

We close today's offerings with a few scenes along the EL's Mahoning Division.

Thanks to Bennet Levin and Eric Levin (Juniata Terminal) for the beautiful train;

To Carl Belke and Gene Blabey and all the great employees of the WNYP for
access and assistance along the railroad;

To the crews and employees of the NYSW who were helpful with location and time information.

PRR 5711 crosses B&LE at Shenango, PA

PRR 5711 & Train at Shenango, PA

PRR 5711 passes ex EL train station (brick building on right) at Sharon, PA

PRR 5711 passes ex Carbon Limestone 6 ( 38'' Gauge Porter) at Hubbard, OH

PRR 120 brings up the rear of Pacific Limited II at Transfer, PA