Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A new look at an old location...

(Train sightings on 7-30-11.) 

On Saturday's trip up to Three Bridges, I pondered the thought as to what a image would look like taken in the grassy area by the old LV Station of an eastbound train. A majority of the images taken at this location are almost always from the west side of the tracks. Would the scene taken by the station be too cluttered or tight for images of a early eastbound train? That question was answered on Saturday morning as in fairly quick succession I was able to photograph two trains in nearly ideal conditions. NS 202, with NS 7602 as its leader, was photographed at ground level at 8:03 AM.

At 8:11 AM the rumble of another approaching eastbounder could be heard. I positioned my eight-foot step ladder in that same grassy area to give this scene an elevated view. After all it is said elevation is everything. As for that second eatbound train, it was NS 214. Motive power would be NS 9372 and NS 8835.

So in your opinion what image is better. The first one taken at ground level or the second one taken from a elevated position?