Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading locomotives at Steamtown shops

Received the following via email from Richmond Bates. Text and photo are his.

The following picture, taken on Friday, 8-5-11, at Steamtown, shows a group of Reading locomotives parked together outside the shops, which is not the normal situation. The Reading FP-7 #902 is owned by the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society. The FP-7 behind it, #903, is owned by the Philadelphia Chapter, NRHS and is leased to the RCT&HS. These diesels have been on display at Steamtown, usually parked near the roundhouse, for about a year and are sometimes used on excursions.  They are at the shop awaiting work on their springs.  Reading #2124, a 4-8-4, is usually on display near the Steamtown entrance.  It is at the shop following asbestos removal work (which has been going on much of this year) waiting to be repainted.